About us

Company Background

Welcome to Gnosis Freight! We are a team of data scientists, software engineers, and logistics specialists based in Charleston, South Carolina. Our mission is simple: Help logistics companies work together better. We are doing this by providing an ecosystem that allows partners in the supply chain to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. 

Our customers told us they were tired of countless spreadsheets and emails, and we listened! The Gnosis Platform gives our customers ONE place to seamlessly collaborate and share data with their partners. Gnosis removes data out of its previous ‘silos’, opening the floodgates for improved ways of doing business. Each module and feature of the Gnosis Platform was inspired by a specific customer’s request or pain point.  

Gnosis is focused on finding partners with a continuous development focus that are serious about taking control of their supply chain. Our mission is to enable our customers to become the logistics partners they have always wanted to have.