Supply Chain Automations
& Custom Solutions

Bolt-ons to our Platform

The Automation Suite is a purpose-built, endlessly-adaptable group of applications that are available as bolt-ons to our platform. From day one: set exceptions, create hot keys, generate reports, and export data to commonly-used formats. Then work with us in close partnership to engineer customized solutions that solve for unique use cases—not generic AI-sequences—making seemingly insurmountable complexities and persistent pain-points a distant memory.

ISF Filing

Gnosis Freight is an ABI vendor, allowing you to connect directly to US CBP and file ISFs. Let Gnosis maintain a database of your shipping parties, HTS Codes, and other data so that your time to file ISFs is reduced to a few clicks.

Invoice Auditing

Comprehensively manage all rates (drayage, ocean freight, domestic freight, etc.) within the platform to allow for invoice submittal and automatic approval/denial of invoices based upon the agreed-upon rates.

Document Management

Automatically create, upload, or transmit documents within portal to establish a centralized location for all document management.

Email Management

Scan, interpret, and route emails sent to centralized email inboxes to the responsible party within the company. Can also be used to automatically store documents transmitted via email (ex. arrival notices, invoices, etc.)

Cost Optimization

Utilize Gnosis' proprietary drayage optimization algorithms to automatically allocate orders to different drayage carriers for maximum efficiency and reduced drayage costs; set constraints to meet MQCs but not overload any single carrier in your network.

Smart Forecasting

Utilize SKU-level data around your shipping containers and Gnosis’ advanced analytics to project inventory levels and plan purchasing.

Drop and Hook

Utilize Gnosis' hierarchical algorithm and automated matchbacks to prioritize hot inbound shipments while simultaneously minimizing detention, demurrage, and extended chassis usage.

Systems Integration

Integrate directly with existing ERP / inventory management systems to streamline the supply chain. Feed freight-related billing items directly into accounting systems like NetSuite, Quickbooks, etc.

Customized Alarm System

Customize your home page and email Gnotifications to include alarms for detention, demurrage, and extended chassis usage, extended vessel delays and other exceptions in your supply chain.

Level up your supply chain

End-to-end solutions to manage the lifecycle of your container

Level 2

Level 2 is designed to show what is inside your containers. Dashboards including graphs, tables and further analytics can be generated from this data.

Level 1 features, plus
Analytics & dashboards
PO & line-item visibility
ERP integration
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Level 3

Level 3 is designed to streamline the booking or scheduling processes. We aim to limit the number of emails and provide a central location for parties to communicate.

Level 2 features, plus
Contract management
Scheduling visibility
Booking visibility
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Level 4

Level 4 is designed to automate painstaking manual processes such as Invoice Auditing and utilize Gnosis' optimization capabilities to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Level 3 features, plus
Custom modules
Predictive analytics
Invoice management
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