New Products


Air Freight Tracking

Gnosis now offers Air Freight Tracking as a valuable addition to its Container Lifecycle Management Platform. As a seamless integration and bolt-on, current and new customers can now more effectively mange their entire supply chain across 100% of all the modes - Air, Ocean, Rail, Truck, and more - in one place - The Gnosis Platform.

Tracking your air freight shipments from the origin airport and through any intermediary airports until they reach their final destination airport.

Receive real-time information and updates on critical air milestones such as Estimated Time of Departure, Actual Time of Departure, Estimated Time of Arrival, and many more.


Gnosis Export Product

Container Lifecycle Management Platform for all exports. Like the traditional platform, where an overwhelming majority of the users of the platform are inbound into North America, the export product only needs one piece of data to get started - the booking number.

Track the earliest receiving date, cut-off date, and estimated time of departure in real-time for all your scheduled exports.

Reduce unnecessary storage, chassis, and other trucker fees by ensuring your containers are dispatched to the terminal during the proper delivery windows.

Level up your supply chain

End-to-end solutions to manage the lifecycle of your container

Level 2

Level 2 is designed to show what is inside your containers. Dashboards including graphs, tables and further analytics can be generated from this data.

Level 1 features, plus
Analytics & dashboards
PO & line-item visibility
ERP integration
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Level 3

Level 3 is designed to streamline the booking or scheduling processes. We aim to limit the number of emails and provide a central location for parties to communicate.

Level 2 features, plus
Contract management
Scheduling visibility
Booking visibility
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Level 4

Level 4 is designed to automate painstaking manual processes such as Invoice Auditing and utilize Gnosis' optimization capabilities to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Level 3 features, plus
Custom modules
Predictive analytics
Invoice management
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