Gnosis Platform

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Demurrage & Detention Alarms

Track containers in real time as they make their way through ports and inland terminals, and track their potential demurrage and detention costs in real time.

Receive real-time information on Last Free Day from terminals via Gnosis Freight's direct terminal connections.

Work with the Gnosis team to have your custom contracts uploaded to the system so demurrage, detention, and per diem can be tracked in real time - even when it's not available!

Customize your Demurrage and Detention Dashboard by terminal, location, and priority to know which shipments need your attention.


Your container is en route! Keep up with your active voyages and quickly analyze carrier performance with Gnosis' analytical dashboards.

Effortlessly mark prioritized shipments and bring important information to the forefront of your application.

Avoid distribution center bottlenecks while maintaining full visibility of shipments through the Calendar View.

Follow your most important shipments’ journeys using real-time location data with the Global Map View.


Your container has arrived at port! Manage your drayage carriers and evaluate performance data in one centralized location.

Easily view when containers are ready to be picked up at port as well as last free dates - all while avoiding emails, phone calls, and visiting multiple tracking websites.

Tie shipments to their delivery location so users only see shipments heading to their distribution center

Forecast door arrival times & set delivery appointments all within the portal


Stay informed and up-to-date with your shipments utilizing customizable Gnotifications; receive batch updates for new bookings, vessel ETA changes, or new containers arriving at port.

Set alerts for new bookings, ETA changes, container arrivals, approaching last free days, etc.

Customize your Gnotifications to be alerted as much, or as little, as you prefer.

Rest assured knowing you will be notified prior to incurring any demurrage costs.

Global Map

Find the real-time GPS location of your active vessels and containers using the Gnosis Global Map.

Integrated with the live AIS GPS data that shows you where the vessels are that are carrying your containers

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Our container lifecycle management software gives your team instant visibility to see where your containers are on sea, rail, or road. They’ll spend less time spotting issues and more time solving them.


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