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Say Goodbye to:

     Detention/Demurrage Costs

     Antiquated Spreadsheets

     Endless Email Chains

     Unnecessary Phone Calls

     Multiple User Logins

About us

Gnosis Freight Platform

Across the planet in one platform. Your supply chain, your way. Fully-customizable freight management system.

Average WEEKLY savings for our users:

Our users are saying goodbye to the working ways of the past and embracing the power of collaboration and automation. We have quantified an average user's time savings per week:

Hours Saved
Spreadsheets Eliminated
Emails Avoided


All steps of your cargo journey in one place. Quickly find the status of your incoming shipments and all relevant milestone dates.

  • Interactive home page showing all in-transit vessels carrying your company's shipments.
  • Search by container or your reference PO# to quickly view all important shipment details
  • Navigate, quickly and easily, to booking and tracking directly from the home page


Your shipments' journey start here. Immediate visibility and seamless collaboration with the origin of your freight.

  • Manage all factories, suppliers and origins from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Approve, deny, and reschedule bookings in one location.
  • Full transparency at the source of your cargo, allowing proactive management of your shipments at the origin of their journey.


Your container is en route! Keep up with your active voyages and quickly analyze carrier performance with Gnosis' analytical dashboards.

  • Monitor all active containers and keep up with status updates.
  • Effortlessly mark prioritized shipments and bring important information to the forefront of your application.
  • Avoid distribution center bottlenecks while maintaining full visibility of shipments through the Calendar View.
  • Follow your most important shipments’ journeys using real-time location data with the Gnosis Map View.


Your container has arrived at port! Manage your drayage carriers and evaluate performance data in one centralized location.

  • Easily view when containers are ready to be picked up at port as well as last free dates - all while avoiding emails, phone calls, and visiting multiple tracking websites.
  • Optimize pickup scheduling, and avoid demurrage costs in a matter of clicks.
  • Evaluate vendor performance using the Supplier Scorecard feature.

Gnotification Management

Stay informed and up-to-date with your shipments utilizing customizable Gnotifications; receive batch updates for new bookings, vessel ETA changes, or new containers arriving at port.

  • Customize your Gnotifications to be alerted as much, or as little, as you prefer.
  • Set alerts for new bookings, ETA changes, container arrivals, approaching last free days, etc.
  • Rest assured knowing you will be notified prior to incurring any demurrage costs.

Gnosis Map View

Where is my freight? Find the real-time GPS location of your active vessels and containers using the Gnosis Global Map.

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