Say Goodbye to:

     Detention/Demurrage Costs

     Antiquated Spreadsheets

     Endless Email Chains

     Unnecessary Phone Calls

     Multiple User Logins

Experience a smarter way to track and manage your containers.

Across the planet, in one platform. Making decisions together, in real-time. Become the logistics partner you have always wanted.

By the numbers

Put time back in your day with Gnosis, a much more effective way to manage your end-to-end supply chain processes. Our users are saying goodbye to the working ways of the past and embracing the power of collaboration and automation. We have quantified an average user's savings per week:


Hours Saved


Spreadsheets Eliminated


Emails Avoided


Per Container

Customized solutions, quickly, with zero headache.

In 24 to 48 hours, supply chain managers are empowered with out-of-the-box tools that transform slow, painful workflows into instant, powerful actions.
From day one: set exceptions, create hot keys, generate reports, and export data to commonly-used formats.  Then work with us in close partnership to engineer customized solutions that solve for unique use cases –not generic AI-sequences – making seemingly insurmountable complexities and persistent pain-points a distant memory.

Learn more about Gnosis,
via collaboration with AWS

Jake Hoffman, CTO of Gnosis Freight, and Amazon Web Services supply chain experts discuss the cloud architecture that enables a single layer of connectivity for data coming from multiple sources, including transportation carriers, logistic service providers, and cargo owners.

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See our platform in action

Across the planet, in one platform. Making decisions together, in real time.
Become the logistics partner you have always wanted.

What customers say about us and real success stories

$12MM + Savings in Demurrage & Detention

Learn how one top 50 US importer reduced monthly demurrage and detention charges by 85% with a custom demurrage management system within the Gnosis Freight Platform. Want to learn more about how Gnosis can help solve any challenges you’re facing with your supply chain?

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Easy to integrate into our processes!

"The Gnosis platform is quick, intuitive and adaptable. It was easy to integrate into our current processes and has simplified and streamlined communications and scheduling between the parties handling our containers. It creates a transparent, easy to use, one stop container management system that has made doing business with factories, freight forwarders, carriers, and drayage companies so much easier."

Saving $15,000 per week on drayage costs

Raymour & Flanigan is the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast, and the seventh largest in the United States. Gnosis allowed Sauer, a Global Logistics Manager for Raymour & Flanigan, and his team to bring their drayage operations completely in-house while saving them $15k/week on average.

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Gnosis integrates with your processes!

"I was looking for a system where we didn't have to adjust our processes that have been working for us. With Gnosis you get a system that's accommodative to your processes and needs. And I love that we can come up with new ideas, ask our Gnosis team about it, and they can build it for us."

Increasing Real-Time Tracking: 5% to 95%

When the data from NVOCCs and Freight forwarders wasn't cutting it, this company turned to Gnosis Freight to improve their container tracking & supply chain visibility. "That's basically our last blind spot, tracking that 5% of containers that we don't even know about, but working with Gnosis, we hope to narrow that down over time."

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Opened completely new doors!

"Not only does Gnosis Freight facilitate much more cost effective means to manage scheduling and drayage seamlessly with little effort, Sauer says, it “opened completely new doors and avenues as a company.” It allowed Raymour & Flanigan to “do more with less,” and according to Sauer, facilitated “endless possibilities."

Explore our set of exclusive products and offerings
The Automation Suite is a purpose-built, endlessly adaptable group of applications that are available as bolt-ons to our platform.

ISF Filing

Automated ISF filing with the extended ability to allow vendors to transmit their respective information directly to the system to allow for automated, paperless ISF filing and status monitoring.

Drop and Hook

Utilize Gnosis' hierarchical algorithm and automated matchbacks to prioritize hot inbound shipments while simultaneously minimizing detention, demurrage, and extended chassis usage.

Document Management

Automatically create, upload, or transmit documents within portal to establish a centralized location for all document management.

Smart Forecasting

Utilize SKU-level data around your containers and the Gnosis Freight Platform’s advanced analytics to link your supply chain and inventory together.