CLM for Drayage Providers

A Smarter Way to Track & Manage your Drayage Operations

Enhance your drayage operations by streamlining processes, maximizing asset utilization, and minimizing per diem fees, all aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction while increasing operational efficiency.

Centralize All of Your Drayage Movements in One Platform

Why Drayage Management?

As a Drayage Provider, your customers depend on your to reliably pick up and deliver their containers on time.

Maximize Asset Utilization

Accurately track the location, status, and availability of containers at both ocean and rail terminals to optimize truck and chassis allocation. Deploy assets based on actual demand.

Reduce Operational Costs

Save employee time by eliminating the need for checking terminal and carrier websites. Prioritize containers at risk of demurrage and eliminate dry runs with accurate Availability, Holds, and LFD.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver dependable updates to customers about container statuses, estimated delivery times, and beyond, nurturing transparency and building trust with your customers.

Manage Drayage for
all of Your Customers
in One Single Platform

Maximize Asset Usage with Premium Milestones

Avoid costly fees from Demurrage & Detention

Manage Appointments at Distribution Centers

Dashboards, KPIs, & custom views. Tailored to Your Supply Chain.

Testimonials from our Trusted Customers

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$12,000,000+ Savings in Demurrage & Detention
Learn how one top 50 US importer reduced monthly demurrage and detention charges by 85% with a custom demurrage management system within the Gnosis Freight Platform. Want to learn more about how Gnosis can help solve any challenges you’re facing with your supply chain?
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Pieter Potgieter
Corporate Transportation Manager, Hubbell Incorporated
Eliminating hundreds of emails a day!
"As Transportation Manager I have two types of customers. I have our internal customers, Hubbell’s 16,000 employees worldwide, and external customers, which are our transportation partners, and they all need to know exactly what’s going on. With Gnosis Freight I’m able to give my internal and external customers direct access to the information that’s relevant to them eliminating hundreds of emails a day so I do my job, which is to manage by exception."
Andrew Sauer
Global Logistics Manager, Raymour & Flanigan
Opened completely new doors & avenues!
"Not only does Gnosis Freight facilitate much more cost effective means to manage scheduling and drayage seamlessly with little effort, Sauer says, it “opened completely new doors and avenues as a company.” It allowed Raymour & Flanigan to “do more with less,” and according to Sauer, facilitated “endless possibilities."
Saving $15,000 per week on Drayage Costs
Raymour & Flanigan is the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast, and the 7th largest in the United States. Gnosis Freight allowed Sauer, a Global Logistics Manager for Raymour & Flanigan, and his team to bring their drayage operations completely in-house while saving them $15,000/week.
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Matt Smith
President, Liberty Furniture Industries
Best decision to go with Gnosis Freight!
"If you are looking for a PO management system that gives you complete visibility of your Supply Chain, Gnosis Freight is the way to go. LFI looked at building our own version and also vetted other PO management systems over the last two years. After carefully weighing out our options, we made the best decision to go with Gnosis Freight. They customize the system to work with your network and your rules."
Jonathan Moore
Purchasing & Logistics Manager, La-Z-Boy
Easy to integrate into our processes!
"The CLM platform is quick, intuitive and adaptable. It was easy to integrate into our current processes and has simplified and streamlined communications and scheduling between the parties handling our containers. It creates a transparent, easy to use, one stop container management system that has made doing business with factories, freight forwarders, carriers, and drayage companies so much easier. Thanks for all of your help as we continue to build our businesses together."

Discover the Right Plan for Your Business

Custom Plan

Optimize your drayage operations by improved scheduling, asset utilization, and custom satisfaction

  • Unlimited Users
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Premium Container Tracking Milestones
  • Drayage Management & Visibility
  • Demurrage & Detention Alarms™
  • Global Map Tracker
  • User Management
  • Gnotifications

Integrate with your ERP and other systems for more advanced supply chain visibility. Gain visibility into the PO/line-item details.

  • CLM Features, Plus
  • ERP Integration
  • SKUs, Value, Quantity, Item Description, & More
  • Purchase Order Visibility & Analytics
  • Line-Item Visibility & Analytics
  • Scheduling Visibility
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Modules that can be added to your CLM platform to better manage the entire lifecycle of your containers in one place.

  • Automated Invoice Auditing
  • Delivery Order Creation
  • Drayage Optimizer
  • Customized Alarms
  • Booking Visibility
  • Warehouse Management
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Do you already have
an existing system?

No problem! Gnosis Freight delivers the most accurate and comprehensive API to enhance your existing system.