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Frequently asked questions

What is The Gnosis Platform?

The Gnosis Freight Platform is the freight management platform that works. Not just in theory, but seamlessly integrates with everything you have going on. Gnosis Freight provides collaborative tools and analytical application that gives customers a clear and cohesive picture of their freight tracking in real time.

What is The Automation Suite?

The Automation Suite is a purpose-built, endlessly adaptable group of applications that are available as bolt-ons to our platform. The Automation Suite is available to our enterprise customers.

Who can use Gnosis?

The Gnosis Platform is designed for all parties involved in the international freight journey; Beneficial Cargo Owners, Freight Forwarders, Booking Agents, and Drayage Carriers.

Can I invite my carriers to use the platform?

Yes. The Carriers you invite to the platform will be able to utilize the following services: booking management, tracking management, scheduling management, and notification management.

What differentiates Gnosis from other supply chain platforms?

Gnosis is the mortar between your partners’ systems that unlocks new potential for leveraging your data. The Gnosis Platform auto-populates 80% of your data by scraping from outside sources like ocean carriers, terminals, CBP, etc; think of other supply chain systems as the first version of Microsoft Excel, and the Gnosis Freight Platform as Google Docs.

What does it cost to use The Gnosis Platform?

The Gnosis Platform is available at three different levels: Lite, Premium, and Enterprise. Click here to find the best fit for you.

Does Gnosis require any additional software purchases?

No. However if you have specific data needs that are not provided by the Gnosis Platform, you do have the option to add on outside providers information.

How frequently will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly on a per container basis for containers arriving at port within the respective month.

How does we reduce costs and optimize the transportation process?

The Gnosis Platform takes over the clerical work, leaving you with more time to make big business decisions. Users report an average weekly savings of 7.5 hours, 6+ spreadsheets, and 300+ emails, and that’s just the soft savings.

How long does it take to onboard with Gnosis?

This will vary by customer and is dependent upon factors such as which level you have selected. Lite customers can get onboarded in as little as a few days, while premium and enterprise customers take a little longer to fully understand all of the platform’s available features.

Does Gnosis provide international services?

Yes. The Gnosis Platform frequently tracks shipments with international origins on their journey to the United States.

Can The Gnosis Platform be used on any browser?

Yes, the Gnosis Freight platform works well on most updated browsers. However, we have found the best performance when utilizing Google Chrome.

Can The Gnosis Platform be accessed via mobile phone?

Yes, the Gnosis Freight platform works well on most updated browsers. However, we have found the best performance when utilizing Google Chrome.

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