Marlo® Container Tracking Engine

Most Complete & Accurate
Container Tracking Data & API

Enhance visibility through dynamic, predictive, and highly accurate milestones, available in the Container Lifecycle Management® (CLM) Platform or via API to empower your internal systems, and gain a superior view of every milestone.

Covering Ocean Carriers, Ports, Terminals, Rail, Air, U.S. Customs, AIS Satellite, & More

Eliminate blind spots in your supply chain with the Marlo® container tracking engine

The Marlo® container tracking engine observes data across multiple sources throughout the container's full lifecycle. This data is then contextualized to provide dynamic, predictive, and highly accurate tracking milestones, taking into account every stage of the container's journey - from Gate-In at origin to when the shipping container is returned empty to the terminal.
Gnosis Data & API

CLM Platform powered by the Marlo Container Tracking Engine

Real-time container visibility, paired with business-critical and timely decision making, relies on many different data sources and supply chain partners, all with varying levels of structure, accessibility, and reliability. Gnosis Freight’s industry-leading data and API platform delivers data across the supply chain in one source of truth – enabling real-time visibility with dynamic, predictive, and highly accurate milestones throughout every point in the container's lifecycle.

Coverage for over 99%
of the World's Container Traffic
Ports & Terminals

Logistics teams often face their greatest challenge when managing ports and terminals during a container lifecycle. Gnosis Freight offers deep, granular visibility of ports and terminals, allowing teams to closely monitor the full lifecycle of their shipping containers. For more information on our port and terminal coverage, please contact us to receive a full list.

Ocean Carriers

Marlo® container tracking engine provides visibility across 99% of the most popular ocean carriers for most trade lanes, and its coverage is continually expanding. With Gnosis's ever-expanding global footprint, new ocean carriers and services are constantly being added. For more information on our ocean carrier coverage, please contact us to receive a full list.

Rail Freight

Gain real-time visibility into inland ocean container movements with Gnosis Freight. With full visibility of Class 1 Railroads in North America, you can access "Rail Departed" and "Rail Arrived" milestones, as well as additional data points such as "Notified Date", "Last Free Day", "Yard Location", and many more to enhance your supply chain visibility.

Air Cargo

Approximately 5% of international commerce is transported by air, yet it accounts for around 30% of the total value. For this high-value and time-sensitive air cargo, Marlo provides visibility from the origin airport to any intermediary airports and until delivery at the destination airport. For more information on Air Cargo, please contact us to learn more.

US Customs

Gnosis Freight is an ABI vendor with the United States CBP, giving it unique access to customs-related milestones for United States imports. See all of your customs milestones as they happen in real-time, such as AMS Filing, ISF Match, Customs Clearance, and many more. Generate proactive alerts when there is an issue with US Customs.

AIS Satellite

Gnosis Freight leverages Automatic Identification System (AIS) satellite data to accurately display the current location of containers traveling around the world. This same data is also used to monitor dwell times at ports, vessel waiting times, and other port metrics. For more information on AIS Satellite, please contact us to learn more.

Seamless Integration

Enhance your supply chain visibility via API

Seamlessly integrate the Marlo® container tracking engine into your existing systems to gain access to dynamic, predictive, and highly accurate milestones giving you a complete and accurate view of your container's journey from gate-in at origin to when the shipping container is returned empty at the terminal.


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