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Discover the Container Lifecycle Management® platform and experience a smarter way to track & manage your containers

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What is the Container Lifecycle Management® Platform?

The world’s first supply chain platform focused on the full lifecycle of your shipping containers - designed to mimic the approach logistics professionals use to manage their supply chains, it provides the data and execution tools needed to manage containers from booking until returned empty to the terminal. By automatically identifying exceptions, the Container Lifecycle Management® platform helps logistics teams make smarter decisions to keep containers moving, saving time, and reducing costs.

Across the planet in one platform. Making decisions together, in real-time. Become the logistics partner you have always wanted.

All-in-one Platform. Collaborate with all your logistics partners in one place.
Filters and custom views. See only what's relevant for your supply chain.
Customizable. Built and designed around the way you do business.
Seamless Integrations. Painless onboarding with platforms you use.
Time Savings, Start saving time and put time back in your day with Gnosis.
Scalable. Designed to support your expanding supply chain operations.

One Platform, Multiple Use Cases

Custom Use Case?

All-In-One Platform to
Track & Manage Your Shipments

Stop copying & pasting container data into spreadsheets, searching carrier websites for hours, and sending emails back and forth to get the most up-to-date data.


Testimonials from our Trusted Customers

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$12,000,000+ Savings in Demurrage & Detention
Learn how one top 50 US importer reduced monthly demurrage and detention charges by 85% with a custom demurrage management system within the Gnosis Freight Platform. Want to learn more about how Gnosis can help solve any challenges you’re facing with your supply chain?
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Saving $15,000+ per week on Drayage Costs
Raymour & Flanigan is the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast, and the 7th largest in the United States. Gnosis Freight allowed Sauer, a Global Logistics Manager for Raymour & Flanigan, and his team to bring their drayage operations completely in-house while saving them $15,000/week.
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Hubbell Saved Over $2,000,000+ in Storage Fees
Hubbell turned to Gnosis Freight for help in managing master bills of lading and container numbers, which enabled the importer to avoid additional storage fees and delays, a move Hubbell estimates resulted in $2,000,000 in cost reductions.
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Pieter Potgieter
Corporate Transportation Manager, Hubbell Incorporated
Eliminating hundreds of emails a day!
"As Transportation Manager I have two types of customers. I have our internal customers, Hubbell’s 16,000 employees worldwide, and external customers, which are our transportation partners, and they all need to know exactly what’s going on. With Gnosis Freight I’m able to give my internal and external customers direct access to the information that’s relevant to them eliminating hundreds of emails a day so I do my job, which is to manage by exception."